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24SS “Day by Day the Manna Fell”

이스라엘 백성들은 40년동안 광야에서 맴돌며 “만나”라는 기적의 음식을 공급 받았습니다.
만나는 매일 아침 하늘에서 내렸고 유통기한이 단 하루여서 다음날까지 보관하면 징그러운 벌레가 생기고 고약한 냄새가 났습니다.
#와쏘는 “만나” 이야기를 통해 2번 삶으려고 합니다: 하루하루를 살아가는 삶 그리고 가진 것에 만족하는 삶.

During the 40 years in the wilderness, the Israelites received “Manna” as their daily food.
Every day the Manna dropped from the sky and people went out and gathered the food they need for each day. Any left-overs would rot the next day.
Through the story of “Manna”, we want to elaborate on a healthy practice of living day by day for “each day has enough trouble of its own”.
Every pieces in the collection were designed with the concept of “one by one”.

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